Thursday, April 14, 2011


If you have made it here to my blog - you've either followed a link from one of my many blog comments, marketing efforts, or you actually bought my short story!!

Regardless of how you came by this blog - thanks for coming.

My intent with this blog is as follows:
  1. Share some pictures applicable to my short story Ratticus: A True Tale from Critter Corner
  2. Give you - the reader - a forum to share your own critter stories.
  3. Hopefully give you a laugh and lighten your day.

1 comment:

  1. I saw your photos of the sticky pads on the floor in your house. Reminded me of when I was a school cafeteria manager. Came in early one morning and made my rounds of checking sticky pads. One was missing. I found it wedged between two pipes on the floor behind the ovens. Fished the pad out with a broom. Lo and behold, the pad was COVERED in rat fur. The sucker must have gotten trapped in the goo, ran through the kitchen with the pad on his back, hit the pipes and 'waxed' most of his hair off. He got away, but for a long time after that, we didn't get as many nocturnal visitors. Maybe he told his buddies to keep out?